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Please make sure you have entered your character name correctly so that our gamers can find you easily in game to deliver you the Ffxiv Gil.

After you have placed your order, please come to our 24/7 Live Chat Help. Our live supporters will help you step by step to get your Ffxiv Gil.

We aim to trade you in game within 10 minutes after your order has beed confirmed.
1. PLEASE DO NOT send any gil or items back to anyone once you have received them. 4ffxivgil won't ask for the gil back for any reason!
2. PLEASE DO NOT give your account name and password to anyone during delivery. Anyone asking for those is with 100% certainty a scammer!

Please select server:
1000K FFXIV Gil $4.30 $3.59
2000K FFXIV Gil $8.60 $7.17
3000K FFXIV Gil $12.91 $10.76
4000K FFXIV Gil $17.21 $14.34
5000K FFXIV Gil $21.51 $17.93
6000K FFXIV Gil $25.81 $21.51
8000K FFXIV Gil $34.42 $28.68
10000K FFXIV Gil $43.02 $35.85
15000K FFXIV Gil $64.53 $53.78
20000K FFXIV Gil $86.04 $71.70
30000K FFXIV Gil $129.06 $107.55
50000K FFXIV Gil $215.10 $179.25
80000K FFXIV Gil $344.16 $286.80
100000K FFXIV Gil $430.20 $358.50
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