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1 to 50 fast upgrade skills

1-15 level:

This is the popular novice quick upgrade stage, you will be around the entire village to carry out the task and novice familiar with the area, get your occupation guidance.

Tip: make sure you keep following the task, which will increase your understanding of your professional skills.

3, you will leave the town began to carry out the journey around the outskirts of the city. Do all the small monster task (F.A.T.E task) will give you a lot of experience.

Tip: even if your level is already out of Buy FFXIV Gil the current F.A.T.E task, those experiences make it still worth it. It's not that the higher the level of the F.A.T.E task is, the better it will be, and the more you'll get the more experience you'll have to make sure that the task level gets closer to your character's level. For example, the task of lower level than you can get the reward to be higher than the 2 level of your task.

Level 5, you will receive a task on Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil the hunting log. If you're following the level of completion of this series of tasks, you will get a very good set of equipment.

Familiar with the unfinished ancient weapons
A comprehensive guide to tailoring
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