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 News detailed page introduction to race I


It is said that human is in from Buy FFXIV Gil the mainland and islands near the migration to Ao Zeya and. After about one thousand years ago after starting from the three great migration, human has become the most Ao Zeya ethnic population. Compared with other races, all aspects of human being are at an average level. Short rounded ears are one of the human body's features, and the race's people are more able to travel long distances. Although mankind inherited from the ancestors of the rich and colorful language and culture system, but their national awareness is very low, compared to pay more attention to individual freedom. As far as the current knowledge is concerned, human beings are mainly divided into two tribes, the people of the Central Plains and the people moving to the high land.


More than half of the number of possession advantage in a large population of terran tribes. Scattered across town village, engaged in a variety of. Because there is a small start to contact with the customs of the book, so relatively deep in terms of knowledge.

Introduction to race in the final fantasy 14


In the northern border of the highlands as Cheap FF14 Gil a territory in hyuran also belong to a tribe of tall muscular. They are following the fall of the city state in addition to the fugitive brother Alami, male mercenary, in other cities is difficult to see their shadows. introduction to race II
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