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 News detailed page introduction to race II

Pull the Rafael family is very small, in other races look almost like a child. This race was living in Nanyang islands, and later developed into the age of sail, the Ao Zeya Lara Phil came to deal with the outside world crops. Rafael family will be able to quickly adapt to other cultures, so now in various nations as there are quite a number of Rafael settled life. With the appearance of short and fat is inconsistent, many people Clara Phil's movements are very flexible.

Living in the same house as the ants' nest, one of Buy FFXIV Gil the tribes of Rafael, who was called "the people of the plain". Green, yellow, and linen like grass. A big ear can't leak to the footsteps of the mole.

Living in a mobile home on the back of Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil a large domestic animal, a tribe called the people who lived on the edge of the sand was called the "sand dune". The characteristics of pupil in films like the glass ball like eyes, forehead with a representative of the Pleiadian orb.

Basic techniques for specific job analysis introduction to race I
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