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Basic techniques for specific job analysis

Unlike other melee fighters advanced by the occupation, and the monks do not rely on combos, but has a unique set of system are.

Each "body" linked to Buy FFXIV Gil each other, hand moves into the first form, any skill can easily connect the second body into the second figure, can also be connected to a third type of skills to enter the third form. Figure three is a set of all finished, then back to the first figure and so on until after so far...

Thanks to the conversion system, the process of fighting monks than any other occupation to be flexible, but its complexity is caused to hit the highest DPS than other occupation fee playing skills, good is not easy.

Here is a quote from the Cheap FF14 Gil at the helm of the sentence: "when in the development stage, we put the damage positioning dragon knight was 6~8, and the monk injury is 2~10". This can be interpreted as the occupation "cancei God residue" will not take place the monks will hurt even tanks, not even when a half chance.

The monk has long been a king, the single output only call to argue with him, but to walk in chief, demanding, and fire outbreak ability is weak, therefore not friendly to melee combat with some difficulty.

Although stature and potential seems confusing, but the basic techniques of playing the monk is still there.

Blacksmith comprehensive strategy introduction to race II
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