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Blacksmith comprehensive strategy

Making sword, axe and various craftsmen of the main and auxiliary tools, iron products such as house chandeliers, statue against the blazing fire under the hammer on the anvil in the forging blacksmith made of metal weapons and tools.

Since ancient times, with Minsa Luo Lim. The local blacksmith traditional and famous, newly born firearms gave blacksmith created a new category of art.

Adventurers after transfer to Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil unlock, lim - Luo Minsa SA forging blacksmith guild guild for the receptionist "Lando Wolff" to take the transfer tasks.

Blacksmith's material is mainly from: mining workers collected all kinds of minerals, wood and some leather, cloth, etc..

Production of Cheap FF14 Gil semi-finished materials: metal ingots, rivets.

The main products: single hand sword, axe, axe, sickle, pickaxe, hammer, forging hammer, file, cast a hammer, pliers, hand saw, claw hammer, kitchen knife, mortar, carved gold hammer, cutting knife, flat cut.

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