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Elite guards have been guarding the Uhl Taha royal family

Key attributes: Endurance

Endurance: increases maximum HP, the current version does not exist the problems of Buy FFXIV Gil overflow, the higher the better, 20 attribute assignment and endurance.

Power: enhance physical attack and parry / block value, increase the hatred while providing mitigation.

Physical defense: fixed to reduce the physical damage, this property by loading and so on can be supported.

Faith: directly enhance the value of the ability to increase the total damage to the total amount of damage.

Hit power: reduce the average attack and skills of Miss, the chance to enter the Baja needs at least 475 hit force.

Launch rate: in addition to parry Parry outside another reduction means, can effectively reduce the BOSS strong physical attack damage.

Recommended race

According to endurance attribute priority principle, the preferred "lugat Beiyang people", followed by "Terran highlander".

In addition, as a part of Knight skills is a spell, so like "Terran midlander" race of each attribute average also can be Cheap FF14 Gil considered.

Relationship between quality rate and quality value
Familiar with the unfinished ancient weapons
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