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Familiar with the unfinished ancient weapons

After the defeat of Buy FFXIV Gil the chimera." You have been hard won the bauxite salt, and gave Gallo Pieter back to forest waterwheel. "

"Use to his bauxite salt, Gairo Stewart on your legacy weapons made a final process. Though he announced that his mission was over, he still believed that the weapon was not completely finished. In order to make weapons from SG, Gairo Stewart suggest you find relics weapons related literature hero. Maybe the merchant of the funeral bells can help you. "

"You have consulted Luo Weina, she agreed to get you to find the documents, however, as you must have unlimited Chengdiao the exchange. Adventure in the southern black forest of the Infinite City Castle, and obtain the glyph. "

"You successfully get unlimited Chengdiao, back to his spirit clock and handed over to the Luo wei."

"You put the glyph to Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil Luo Weina, she also fulfilled his promise, give you a" Padejia interview "backup. You now have the literature of a hero who once held the legendary weapons of ancient times. You'll be glad to see it. "

"Check the documents in hastily, Gairo Stewart announced that he was going to take some time to understand these. At the same time, you should also be familiar with the repair of weapons. The equipment unfinished (ancient weapons, (name) to the barbarian fortress) killing 8 (designated 8 (enemy), designated enemy) and 8 (designated enemy). "

Kill 24 monsters in the corresponding barbarian stronghold (designated will mark a task, because the monster translation name is unknown, here only point to the location)

Elite guards have been guarding the Uhl Taha royal family
1 to 50 fast upgrade skills
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