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How To Earn FFXIV Gil with the Auction House In FF14

Whether gold in World of Warcraft or FFXIV Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, you can never have enough of that currency. Finally, you need them for all sorts of activities, whether for repair of equipment, financing a raid evening or acquiring prestigious mounts. Thus inevitably raises the question of how to make quite a lot with the least possible amount of time.

The basic rules

If you have no interest in the farms of objects, which can generate something on the auction house. This variant is most effective because the cost is lower and the yield higher. For this, the risk increases. The following tips are relatively general and can be applied to other games. The figures are illustrative and may vary depending on the server.

Know the prices

The most important rule is to know the prices. Observing the product over a longer period can help determine how much the fluctuations. This is useful for knowing if an FFXIV item, for example, in the course of several days between 200-500 FFXIV Gil is traded. You wait with the purchase, until you arrive at the low value, creates a stock and sells these few days or weeks later. However, this requires a longer preparation ahead, because only then you will be sure that the price will rise again.
It is important to distinguish between normal FFXIV items (hereinafter referred to NHQ) and HQ. The latter can be identified by a specific icon and they are usually much more expensive. However, from time to time there offers from HQ objects to NHQ Award. This is the right option here. Safely buy and possibly offer back to the 10 times price.

Manipulating the price

Instead of waiting for changes, it is possible they themselves create for themselves. For this, there are also safe and risky options. For example, if you know that the price between 200-500 fluctuates, you can buy almost everything and set for 500th. This path is relatively safe because the FFXIV items are sold well sooner or later. It is worth trying to push prices even higher and demand 600 or 700, after all you are the only supplier at this moment. And if it does not work, you go back to the old price with a lower profit margin. The risk here is more time than money.
Alternatively, you look for products with low range, but existing demand. As a rule, these are to HQ products. As an example, act HQ yew branches here. The price comes to 2400 FFXIV Gil, with a purchase price of less than 800. And there are people constantly offering the HQ version for NHQ price of about 200, the profit margin is very high.

Have patience

It is not advisable to undercut each constantly. This is not only time consuming, but results in a significantly lower earnings. There are always people who demand not one but FFXIV Gil 10, 100 or even 1,000 less. Those who know the prices, do not need to spend less. The low price of the competition is low enough to buy it yourself.
What is also important is the day of the week. Tuesdays it comes to reset the raids. The price of Buffod could be higher this evening than others. Many people buy items only when they need it, and just before a boss battle they have no choice but to hope for a better price. You must purchase our overpriced product immediately. We, however, can wait with the purchase.
On weekends, especially at night, playing more than perhaps on Wednesday at 5am. Take that into consideration, because more players mean a higher demand and thus a larger purse for us.

Less is more

Raw materials are often sold at 99er stacks. This makes sense, because the price of the individual items is quite low, so you are with large quantities. Nevertheless, there may be goods for which there is simply no interest in such a high amount. Who needs a 5-HQ-yew branches, does not buy 99
to reduce instead of the price, it is advisable to reduce the amount. So that 5, 10 and 25er groups are offered and you then compares whether the demand has increased. Possibly can easily increase the price even then.

Turn dealer free

The savage tribes sell numerous products when one increases the reputation among them. It is recommended to compare these prices with the auction house. Often other players do not have or do not feel like this call, only to travel now to the seller. Others do not even know that there is the dealer. In this way, some products can be sold profitably. For example, to buy yew branches for 60 FFXIV Gil and sells for 299 FFXIV Gil.


Away from mere theory carried out a small experiment on himself. The prices were not known to me and the start-up capital amounted to 150k FFXIV Gil , not very much. The term use amounted to about 5 minutes a day and it was dealt with extreme caution, risks should be largely avoided.
The first few days I busied myself into control prices. Fortunately, I've had a brief overview of some types of wood by previous farms as a gardener. Among other things, yew, ash and elm logs. So I started to buy them. And I've ever quoted me everything, so I know in the future how much I paid and at what price I sold the product. Even if I had not planned to write this article, my records would have been similar:

Purchase 99 Elm logs for under 200, selling for 370
Purchase 152 Ash logs for under 100, selling for 188
Purchase Yew logs for under 100, selling for 299

Anyway, I went on my business and expanded. I bought leather for 20-30 and sold it for 75 after I had bought the market. Effective is not that the earnings were too low. I wanted to test how well the prices can be manipulated in this way only. The same I did with Allagan worm was there the demand is too low.
Products that I observe, were equally logged. For example, the antelope horn to HQ, which seemed to be 4k worth. Unfortunately, I was a bit premature, waiting a few days. I acquired horns for 2-3k and wanted to sell them for 5k. Ultimately, it was 1.5k and thus a loss. It happens.
After 2 weeks, there were 150k-650k FFXIV Gil. Another two weeks later, there were more than 1.6 million . If you compare this value with other farm facilities, we would have also deserved better. The advantage of the auction house is the term use : at 5 minutes a day was this about 2.5 hours for a month. And certainly can be significantly earn more with more effort and higher risk tolerance.

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