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How to Make FFXIV Gil

When asked what way can make gil in Final Fantasy XIV, you must say playing gatherers and crafts. As we know, gatherers and crafters are two richest classes in Final Fantasy XIV, because there are all kinds of materials in the game which can be used by gatherers and crafters to do what they want, and then sell the material for gil. However, many players ask whether there are some other ways of making gil, so now, we want to tell you how to make ffxiv gil without crafting or gathering.

Because you can now meld material onto battle gear there are more ways to obtain material of grade IV and V to go with the higher demand. These are some of the ways you can get material. Weeping city weekly. Once a week you will get Mhachi Matter as a drop for clearing the weeping city. It is a 24man raid with the minimum ilv at i205. This matter can be traded in for a grade V materia of your choice by speaking to Smacklix in idyllshire at Stickqix's Bangpots. Accuracy and crit will most likely be the most valuable.

Palace of the Dead. PotD is a 4 man dungeon that you can enter solo, premade or DF. You can enter at any lv and will lv in the dungeon. The lv does not stay with you outside  PotD however you will get exp every 10 floors when it saves. Sometimes from bronze chests and for sure when clearing floor 1-50 you get a Gelmorran Potsherd. This can be traded in for a grade V just like the matter mentioned earlier. This is traded in to E-Una_Kotor.

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