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How to Play House Decorator

When it comes to Final Fantasy XIV, we all know that Housing system is one of the most important features. Almost all players want to have their own house, and decorate them according to what they like. Therefore, we will share you some decoration guides.

The starting point for most house owners is the Remodel menu, which allows you to change structural elements of a room like wallpaper, flooring, and lighting. All items used here are single-use only, but you can preview the results before confirming changes.

The interface that we're most interested in is the Housing menu, which offers a variety of tools to place all the elements of your decorating project. The primary ones are the Move Tool for X-Y-Z placement of items in valid locations, the Rotate Tool for spinning items on either the X or Z axis depending on type, and the Remove Tool for picking items up again.

Two additional options are available, and these serve important roles in a lot of advanced decorating projects. The Counter Placement toggle determines whether your Move Tool will look for valid surface to place objects on or bypass those to place on the foundational floor and walls of the room.

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