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How to Play the Red Mage

Final Fantasy XIV's Stormblood expanded to a large multi-person RPG-Red Master. So if you want to visit it, you need level 50, talk to the right person. So today we will share one guides for how to unlock the Red Mage in Final Fantasy XIV.

The most important is FFXIV Gil. The steps in the Thal area of Urda began at the door of Thal. A troubled young girl seeking help to save her sister from a group of kidnappers. The kidnappers have not yet gone far. Outside Taylor's door, you are a 10-second time, where the confrontation is falling. Who is the man in the crimson dress?

Since this is the ultimate fantasy XIV, your character is the hero of this field, crimson duelers have heard of you, and think you will look good with red hats. He asked you to have a drink with him at Coffer and Coffin, where he pops up the question.

Stormblood's new job differs from Heavensward in that the new job completes a whole set of clothes. Put on new weapons, put on your new clothes, and you all set up.

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