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I want to become a monk for

First you need Buy FFXIV Gil the main professional fighting (Pugilist) 30 as well as the Deputy professional gun (Lancer) 15. And then return to the city of sand (Ul DAH) to find the trainer access and complete the "soul of the monk (Soul of the Monk)" task.

What is the occupation orientation 2 monks?

The monk is simply an upgraded version of the fighter. The monk 50 skills become an important part of the output, Debuff is the key to maximize the monk output, you will also get some AOE skills.

What are the attributes of 3 monks should be a priority?

As a melee physical output, monk property demand and dragon knight, as far as possible to increase the strength attribute, then choose the constitution. Increase as much as possible in secondary attributes.

How can I use 4 monks general skills?

Once you choose advanced occupation, general skill slots you have will be reduced to 5

I need 5 separate upgrade monks occupation level?

No need, grade and fighting level monks and growth

The difference between 6 monks and Dragon Knight where?

As Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil the two melee DPS, monk damage is much smoother than dragoon, although the skill damage figure looks so cool but have no dragoons, many of the hidden damage (Dot, baseline peace cut) than the other 15% fast attack occupation, for the operation and they will require higher overall output needs to maintain output chain, and Dragoon won't have problems in this area, in the overall battle dragoon rather than monk because he really is more flexible, on the output cycle is high, need to run in more Boss battle but unable to play more than the dragoon single output damage.

Tips provided by another god. The monk a short animation after each skill, after will be hurt, but the actual location is determined at the beginning of the animation has been decided, so after the start of the animation can walk (for example, from the side to the back, or from the back to the side), do not have to wait to figure it out.

Discussion on the selection of general skills
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