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Latest Final Fanstasy XIV Patch

Final Fanstasy XIV Patch4.1, The Legend Returns, is scheduled to release in early October. Let's see the main updates listed in the official forum. We lists all of the update points in the following parts.

New Main Scenario Quests

Once you complete the new main scenario quest series, the official says that they believe you'll be able to go to the menagerie area once more!

New Dungeon - The Drowned City of Skalla

As the official has mentioned previously, there will be one new instanced dungeon for the odd numbered patches, and they'll use their resources towards various other tasks.

New Trial

In an article it was reported that the Extreme version of the trial would contain mechanics from the normal mode; however, this was a minor misunderstanding. In actuality, the official included mechanics that was originally planned for the Extreme version into the normal mode.

New Sidequests

A new chapter in the Hildibrand series will begin. This time around, it will be like a preview episode. Additionally, the official will introduce the Kojin beast tribe quests. They tried some different things, so please look forward to it! So if you want to learn more information and buy FFXIV Gil, welcome to

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