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New Upgrade of FFXIV

FFXIV Expansion 4.0 has been released for a time, which brings players a totally new experience. It is really awesome. In order to make players better enjoy the game, they makes some job changes in 4.01-4.05. So now we tell you the details.

First of all, to clarify the timeframe. Patch 4.01, featuring the raid Omega: Deltascape, will be released on July 4. Job adjustments will begin in earnest from patch 4.05, and they are currently in the process of reviewing player feedback while applying adjustments and conducting tests.

Ahead of 4.05, we will be making enmity-related adjustments for the three tank jobs. In light of the large amount of feedback they have received, they will boost the effect of enmity-generating combos and AOEs in order to make enmity management more predicatable during the lower levels and while leveling. A lot of the adjustments are intended to improve job usability, and we will be fine-tuning various actions and tweaking systems. As the changes are wide-ranging and we're in the middle of working out the precise values, the details won't be available until release.

So if you want to experience the new changes, hurry up to buy cheap FFXIV Gil from us.

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