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Relationship between quality rate and quality value

The quality of the progress bar is closer to Buy FFXIV Gil the full value, premium rate is higher, but the two are not a linear relationship between the first rate of high growth is very slow, even when the rate of high quality progress half of only about 30%, but when the quality of the progress of more than 60%, the rate of high jump will reach more than 70%, after each increase of amount of quality. High quality rate will significantly higher.

1, the selection of high quality raw materials

The quality of the material in the production of high-quality props, the production of the initial quality is higher, especially in the production of semi-finished material, 40 of the durability of the operating space is difficult to start from 0 to create full quality. The whole material is high quality, the quality of the initial value can be close to half full, after a few random processing can achieve a high quality rate.

2, select the appropriate skills

Early due to the number of equipment can be equipped with limited skills, and the most restricted to make quality props property is durable, followed by the production of power, so the first choice can increase the durability and save production skills.

3, find suitable for their own routine

According to their own operations, processing precision and production force, through constant production and explore the appropriate combination of skills!

The following is a combination of Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil common skills novice, good luck, even if you can produce more than their own level of quality props! The beginning of the production force should be able to use the 2 steady hand + frugal combination, according to several times to be able to make a number of progress to the production of several processes, and the rest of the way to improve the quality of the rest. When the production force can be enough to use the three stable hand + thrifty, with the static layers of the stack, the production of quality props can be described as very easy (good luck!)

Each production occupation has its own portfolio, game player can be in the production process to figure out their own good. introduction to race I
Elite guards have been guarding the Uhl Taha royal family
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