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Tips to Play Stormblood

You must have played Final Fantasy XIV for a long time, but how well do you play it? Today we will give you one tip for one of the coolest features in FFXIV: Stormblood.

It is swimming and diving, if you want to experience more in this feature, you need to unlock the skill firstly. The ability to survive in an underwater environment without drowning in Stormblood requires some work. The task of liberation is in the game's new Red Sea waters, only after the player completes the open Ala Mhigo mission and can enter the first step of the Doma area of the Far East.

Get quick quests later and start the ceremony. You can see how to play them in the video of this post. Players can now breathe and swim underwater. In addition, they can take the giant bats.

It is quite relaxing and swim in the depths of the ocean. Though the skill just can be used in specific areas, it is still interesting. So buy cheap FFXIV Gil to have fun.

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