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Useful Tips to Power Leveling

If you paid attention to our website before, you will get a lot useful FFXIV power leveling tips. Today we will continue talking about some useful tips. So if you need cheap FFXIV Items, welcome to

When you at Level 45, you are quick to boil over, only a few levels to go. The first thing you need to do is complete your Class quest, so that you can get your first 4 pieces of Artefact Armor, use them go fight for Garuda to complete The Howling Eye task. When the task has been completed, head to Ceruleum Processing Plant, completing your Main Scenario quest and do some the same time.

Tip: If possible, don't miss the F.A.T.E.Dark Devices. This is a four part F.A.T.E. which can give your vast experience, especially when you have a know how to grind a group, in the first phase tagging as many mobs as possible for maximising the xp.

Introduction to Final Fantasy XIV
A Brief Introdction to Final Fantasy
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