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Warrior novice tutorial for

How do I become a soldier?

You need the main occupation first Marauder (Marauder) 30 and (Gladiator) vice sword warlock occupation level 15, then returned to the city of the sea (Limsa Lominsa) to find the trainer access and complete the "warrior spirit (Soul of the Warrior)".

What is the professional position of Buy FFXIV Gil the soldiers?

Warrior is a more diverse career, not only as a DPS, can also be used as a T. This is very valuable for some teams, in the presence of the main DPS can be used as T, T down after the top can be used as a deputy T. The warrior's new skill increases the ability to reduce damage, a group of skill, and several output skills on the base of the axe. The key to distinguishing a fighter is whether it can be used in a timely and accurate manner.

What are the attributes that a soldier should give priority to?

Very simple and depends on the team you want to play the main position, as far as possible the power (STR) and physical (VIT), the ratio between the two is entirely to see you want to master T or the main DPS, personal recommendation for strength. In the jewel also need to choose the strength or physical fitness or HP like according to your location.

As a soldier I can use the number of other professional skills?

When you choose the advanced occupation, you will have general skills slot 5

Do I need to upgrade for the fighters alone?

You don't have to Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil, the level of your warrior is in sync with your axe.

What is the difference between a soldier and a holy knight?

As in T, relatively speaking, warrior group pulls it better than the paladin, Paladin mitigation ability is better than the single soldier, also mention the various occupation attack range, belonging to the warrior, monk like super close distance, and the gun belongs to close and dragoon, bow, mage belong to long distance output.


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