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Why FFXIV Is So Popular

As we know, FFXIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs now, especially its patch 4.0 which has just been released for nearly 2 months. Players like to spend their gil on the game. Do you know why? Today we will look for some reasons for you. And if you need cheap FFXIV Gil, welcome to buy on our site

This is totally different from other MMOs, and most players really love it. They can level all the classes they want to on one character. It's really fun to experiment with something new and breathe some new life into game when you're bored, but also great to return to a class you're familiar with. Boss fights in FFXIV are stunning and really well done, and even the ones you fight while progressing the main story. They have a lot mechanics that are totally different from other MMOs.

To be honest, the story is pretty awesome. It's been even better with the inclusion of the Heavensward and Stormblood story arcs. It has a strong continuity and the patches add more story quests that help bridge into the next expansion.

Crafting can be a bit complicated in FFXIV. When crafting an item there is a quality bar and a progress bar. The progress bar you need to fill to craft the object, whereas the quality bar as you fill it up you get a higher chance at making a higher quality item. HQ items can be used to get a netter chance at crafting an HQ version of a recipe it's used in OR if it's a piece of gear it will have higher stats. There are abilities and gear with crafting stats you can use to help ensure you can make it HQ. And there's also cross-class skills to add more varity and complexity to the crafting process.

The music in this game is awesome. The graphics and animations are flashy. Do you agree with what summarizes?

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