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Why So Many Gamers Have A Crush On Final Fantasy XIV

As everyone know, FF14 is one of the most popular MMORPG in the world, especially its Patch 4.0 which has just been online for about 24 days. Thousands of gamers love to spend their money and time for the game, why is it so hot?  Today we 4FFXIVGIL (Professional Final Fantasy XIV Gil Store) will tell you the reasons why they have a crush on the game.

Like everyone know, FF14 is one of the most popular MMORPG in the global world, its Patch 4 especially. 0 which has been online for about 24 days just. Thousands of gamers love to spend their time and money for the game, why is it so hot? Goldofu will tell you the reasons why they have a crush on the game today.

The animations and graphics
Almost every battle in XIV is flashy and cinematic extremely. From the latest trial, the boss grows into a smashes and giant a giant sword down on top of the tank. The tank has to do a quicktime event while the ongoing party burns down the sword. The cinematic nature of the battles makes them feel a complete lot more epic
Also, every skill your character uses has very flashy and crazy looking animations always.

All Classes on One Character
This is different from other MMOs totally, and most players love it really. They can level all the tuition they want to on one character. It's really interesting to experiment with something new and breathe quite a few new life into the game when you find yourself bored, but also great to return to a category you're familiar with. It's just pleasant knowing that even when gamers get to raiding and end game content that anytime it ever gets stale, they may go and level an entirely innovative class and have fun doing it all another time in a different way.

Much like crafting, getting is a bit more complex. There's no 'cross-class' skills like with crafting but every single gathering profession (Mining, Fishing, Botany) has its own abilities to help ensure acquiring higher quality items or higher quantity. Using fishing in particular there are baits, times during the day, and weather to be the cause of when catching the fish you need.

PvE Content
Boss fights in FFXIV are stunning and well really, executed, and the ones you fight while progressing the main story even. They have a lot of mechanics that are different from other MMOs totally. They're not pushovers like in WoW, but they're fairly simple either. To be honest, the whole story is pretty awesome. It's been a lot better with the inclusion of the Heavensward plus Stormblood story arcs. It has a sturdy continuity and the patches add even more story quests that help conduit into the next expansion.

Craft can be a bit complicated in FFXIV. When crafting an item there is a excellent bar and a progress bar. The exact progress bar you need to fill that will craft the object, whereas the quality bar as it is filled by you up you get a higher chance at making a 'higher quality' item. HQ items can be used to find a better chance at crafting a HQ version of a recipe really used in OR if it's a piece of products it will have higher stats. There are gear and abilities with crafting stats you can use to help ensure you can make it HQ. Along with there's also cross-class skills to add far more variety and complexity to the manufacturing process.

The music in this game is usually phenomenal, the ones used in boss encounters especially. Here is a metal/rock design for the Titan boss encounter. Is something more silly. There's merely a lot of variety in the music and quite enough players love it.

And finally there's always a thing to do in the game. They add a whole lot with constant updates, and not all the is PvP/PvE content. There's a total update called the Gold Saucer devoted to a card game within the sport itself, as well as chocobo racing and a few other cool attractions. They published this only a few months before Heavensward so people had stuff to complete in between content. And it's actually entertaining.

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